Meet Nina

Nina Leonard is the founder and owner of Hunter Pulse and is based near Maitland in the picturesque Hunter Valley, NSW.

Nina divides her working hours between pulsing horses and humans using Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) technology. To ensure she can produce the best possible results, Nina is constantly researching and spending time training with industry experts in North America.

After extensive research into the industry, Nina chose to utilise Pulse PEMF EQ-X as her preferred PEMF machine. The quality of the machine and the attachments offered are superb and Pulse PEMF offer a very high level of training and support to their customers. 

Nina has helped many clients achieve a lifestyle with considerably less or no pain. Horse owners will attest to their horses being more willing, supple and able to do the work presented to them. Her attention to detail by listening to her client is well translated into her individual approach. Nina recognises every client's individual needs and is able to adjust her approach to suit. She is passionate about excellent customer service and educating herself in order to be the best to her ability. She has a caring and integral personality with a desire to excel.