Why do we love PEMF?

PEMF is a holistic modality that infuses the body with natural energy at the cellular level.

The body may use that energy to heal and regenerate itself along with enhance it’s natural recovery process. This can mean accelerated healing which may help avoid infection, but also minimise scar tissue.

PEMF is awesome and your horse will love you for it!

  • - Cassidy, Facebook

    "Hunter Pulse Therapy has massively helped my very tense pony become more relaxed and definitely improved her movement under saddle. Nina is lovely and really informative, would highly recommend her!"

  • — Tammie , Facebook

    "Nina treated my young Pony this week and I’m extremely happy with the results... His movement and ease to go up into the transitions was lovely again. Thanks! Happy customer."

  • - Maddie, Facebook

    “All of my horses just love seeing Nina! The PEMF treatment keeps them feeling and performing their best, especially leading up to big competitions! Worth a try if you haven’t had a treatment already, the difference is just amazing.”

  • — Torben, Facebook

    “What can I say? Very, simple: It works!!”

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